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The Social Printer Idea

hey guys, happy happy new year wishes to you. today is day 4 and almost 50% of people have lost hopes on their resolutions, haha, ive dropped few too. But this year I have made more of NOT TO DO list than to-do list.

in 2021 Ive realised that - with all the expectations and dreams of future I have only overwhelmed myself with to-do list that is never ending. At a time it felt as if I am living in a jail running around catching up with the list.

Ok, coming to this blog - and the topic. The Social Printer Idea - i have made a resolution for this year that - I will be solving - or ideating - a real world problem - One problem a day.

One problem a day felt easy in the beginning but in these 4 days I could come up with only 1 reasonable problem to solve, so now am like - keep ideating.

so here is my first idea of 2022.


Problem - I need a printed copy of a doc quickly and securely and am not at home/office - where do i get a print?

In India we have something called Internet Cafe - Xerox centers - they are mostly located near educational institutes (schools, colleges,universities, government offices, etc)

- 1) problem of ease to access - these are not very easy to find unles you are aquainted with the area/locality - plus its really impossible to find one near/at the airport/railway station

2) sharing of files - either you have to email the shop owner or whatsapp it, or share your pendrive

-3) data security - there is no guarantee that the shop guy is going to securely delete your data and not share it with anyone else

4) the time - sometimes it just takes hours to get a single printout you need urgently

Solution - Social Printers - unmanned - easy to access - secure to share data - quick and easy to find.

How it works - These are specially made printers which are connected to Internet (IOT right)

User can easily locate the nearest Social Printer via the Social Printer Website (SPW) and share files he needs to print. The printer keeps it in its database ready to print whenever the user is nearby and ready to pickup the prints. Simple.

Where is the Money? - these printers can be placed at high demand areas - users can also request to have one near their locality via SPW. Based on requests the SPs can be installed. They can be installed at tea points / kirana stores / supermarkets / bookshops/ busstops/railway stations/airports etc

The model - The shop is paid monthly rent for providing space for installing the SPs. Electricity will be sourced from the shop. The shopkeeper/worker will be trained to refill the pages. Infact the printer will be so easy to use that it will be super easy for anyone (with access) to refill the pages.

(the shopkeeper gets the rent for keeping our SPs)

The user pays for each print

Ok, i think this is a good starting point to ponder upon this idea. Anyone if intrested feel free to tweet me at /vaigai and I will be happy to connect



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