Rethinking Life jackets.

If there were enough life jackets on Titanic - most of them could have survived.

Or would they?

were those life jackets efficient to save peoples lives?

Cut to 2020 and we still hear of people drowning in rivers as boats capsize.

Over a century passed by since the famous disaster of titanic and yet, we are at the same lame position. To blame is the technology and our attitude towards safety.

How do we solve this problem?

are life jackets so expensive that it cannot be provided to every individual who boards a ship/boat? Who is asking them to be provided for free anyway? cant these businesses rent it out for a small fee? or better make it part of the ticket fee and make life jackets mandatory for every passenger?

are people (passengers) so negligent towards their own safety?

are these so hard to be sourced?

or they are so lamely designed that people just dont want to have them on?

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