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Hey! Glad to see you..

Thanks for stopping by. I am Vaibhav Gaikwad from India. Guess you might have read my blogs / articles and want to check out the person in me. I define myself as engineer, entrepreneur, enthusiast and HUMAN.


The human part is most important as it talks a lot about me. Before I am anyone, I am human and owe a lot to this beautiful planet earth. I tend to look at us from a perspective of an alien visiting earth. How we have built up borders, rituals and systems for our favour while harming the planet to its core. Its a pity we continue to do things that are harming our planet and yet its not on our Number one Priority to save mother earth. I am working on something to add my few cents in doing good to our planet. Will be posting soon about it in my blog. Meanwhile if you are willing to be part of it do write to me.

I am a believer. If we can be anything in life, lets be positive. Negativity sucks and its pandemic. Positivity helps us find Opportunity in times of adversity. I like doing new things and making things from scratch. As a kid I loved making titanic replica from pieces of thermocol sheets from packing boxes, and then propelling it with parts from toy fan. Man wasnt it beautiful with lights coming out of windows cut thru the sheet. It did float on water and move with the help of modified propeller. Then there was a space ship designed out of cardboard. I did suck at the rope climbing robot competition at college, and for 10 years i have been thinking of a solution and recently I have cracked it in theory. No time to make a model, will share pics if I do someday. The best part was my final year project - a cross department project with mechanical engineering department and IDC, task was to design a boat model which propelled with the motion of Tuna fish (biomimetics they call it) ,  got efficiency of 82% in lab testing conditions. Was fun. Thanks to Professor Ravi and Professor Bapat, they are the most amazing faculty I have ever met. I do remember Kurien Sir from Robotics, such a charm, always ready to help. I have interacted a few times and he was always ready to help with a smile. Yes my school days were amazing too, miss them badly.

College days were awesome, so many friends and so much fun, its the best thing happened to me.


Gave 3 interviews and got selected in all. It was a smooth ride getting job. I remember going to one of the interviews in shorts and getting selected. Sorry I didnt meant to be rude to the selectors but it so happened that I was going to library just to return the books, when one of my friend said there campus interview for this company in few minutes. I said lets give it a try. Went in. There was a GD round and then PI. I went in like a rogue. Cracked GD, (was I damn good at GD? No way, but that day i was just rogue). PI went well, I had this feeling of being an outcast to attend a interview in shorts, but then I just ignored it, went in anyway. Few days later I got a selection letter. Anha.Had 3 offers, rejected one because it was into software, the second one was this and the third was an MNC. Picked the third.

Job life was nice. Got to know the work culture, everyone is so nice and acted so civilized, felt really different at first, you know how the college life is. Got complacent in job life until one day the startup bug bit me. Then a few days later one of the greatest entrepreneur died, I felt sad but didnt know much about him, got curios started reading his biography

and was totally amazed. It changed me for ever. Steve Jobs he was. For that matter Leonardo Da Vinci is my idol. I admire the works of Michelangelo, Edison, Madam Curie, Tesla, Aryabhatt,Dr. CV Raman, Dr. BR Ambedkar, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Steve Jobs and Julian Assange.

So now I am an entrepreneur enduring the hard times, a bootstrapped venture that has been delivering smiles worldwide. Did I tell you entrepreneurship was fun, haha, it is. Its like going on a roller coaster everyday. Now you know.

I will share more about my startup and things I am doing in future blog posts. Guess you must be tired by now reading this big post. I have to cut this short as I actually came in to post a blog on very important thing. Ciao!

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