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12 jan and I was looking for problems to solve. Remember 2022 mission is to try to solve or atleast think about problems (real time ones) and find solutions to them - Ideas.

Now - if you are on facebook / youtube - you must have come across advertisements asking you to contribute to help the poor - hungry people across the world.

I wonder how my funds would help them anyway

What are these so called organisations doing to help the needy hungry people ?

I will research into it and revert back with updates soon., BUT as of now i am jotting down this simple idea to beat the Hunger problem

make a product that saves the day

- when it comes to providing food to those in need ( as what ive see during floods, natural disasters) , it becomes a huge logistical problem

- how to carry , how to distribute , how long will the food stay good

- say if we make FOOD BARs which contain 1/4 or 1/10th of daily nutritiional requirements , could it solve the half of the problem

- will it not be easier to transport and distribute ?

- also the shelf life of food bars is upto 60 days so it can be stored for longer time

- easy to airdrop - and does not get damaged on drop

- people can carry them easily for days and stay alive

These organisations can tie up with a manufacturer and use their funds to produce these bars as per requirement and distribute via airdrop or other channels

Now this might seem superficial - i am just writing my thoughts out - i need to go do reasearch on how actually people are working to solve this problem.

Your comments/suggestions/ideas are very much welcome - also you can connect with me on twitter/vaigai

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