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Nepotism and AI are no different

hey guys, thinking whats wrong with this headline? Quite an observation, it just striked me yesterday as I was going thru basics of AI and how its changing our lives already.

Put simply what AI does is that it enables machines to learn in microseconds. Say there are fleet of Self driven cars, if one car meets an accident - this event data is immediately shared with all others and also with the future cars that are going to be made. So when 1 machine learns something out of real world the learnings are shared all across.

Now applying that to Humans. Say you have done MBA from Harvard and have learnt so many great things in life, your son/daughter does not need to go to Harvard to learn again, its already there. So being your son makes him automatically eligible for your position.

sounds crazy - but not really - this has been happening in our country since ages - politicians - actors ... you get it.

Ok these days #endofbollywood #bollywoodwillcollapse is trending on twitter, but I wonder why a movie from Tollywood is being so hyped and questions are raised on bollywood for their low performance in entertainment since last few years. I would say this movie was well marketed and well thought of. It is not something that happened by luck or chance. The guys in tollywood are intelligent - they have fed Indians with thier movies since 5 or more years. Can you remember when was the last time you saw an actual bollywood movie on star gold or other hindi movie channels. They are overcrowded with telugu/tamil and now bhojpuri dubbed movies. Every time you turn on a hindi movie channel you see a tollywood film being played, ofcourse in Hindi. This made them acceptable across the country, and now they are more happy to welcome them.

Alright, now coming to Nepotism - dont just think Bollywood is plagued with it , it is also there here in Tollywood and I guess across all woods in the country. Allu Arjun is son of Allu arvind who is a film producer. Ram charan is son of Megastar Chiranjeevi, Prabhas is son of U.S. Raju who is also a film producer. Get it?

So more or less AI has been part of our blood.

And a day will come when the next generation would have all the learnings and skills just downloaded in seconds. (just like that in Matrix - helicopter scene - she learns to fly a helicopter)

How? [havent you heard about cyborgs? chips being embeded in human brain?\

Likh kar le lo.

This video is just for fun, but makes the point clear.

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