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Weight loss challenge - day zero

weight loss challenge

Hey hey hey - yes you read it right, i have finally embarked on the most important mission of my life. Weight loss. Yes, for almost a decade I have kept it on low priority, but now its not going to be.

Wake up call - i've found myself totally un-disciplined - living a bindass life - eating wteva i like , anytime. Result - my energy levels kept going low and low and i unknowingly was getting to become couchpotato, lazy and un-enthusiastic person. Just then i realised it will kill me slowly, I weighed myself and the needle stared at me at 89.5 kg , just a few short of 90 and a little short of a century - not something i can be proud of.

That was on 10th of July 2021 - i call it Day Zero - the wakeup call.

I woke-up feeling low , went on my terrace to feel the sunshine, randomly opened my insta account on phone and went live - an announcement was to be made, - i didnt think much about it, just wanted to do it anyway.

Here is the video :

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