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Day 1 - what gets measured gets managed

1 July 2021 - morning at around 8 am - on the terrace with my weighing scale. Not the new one, the one that was lying in store room for nearly good 8 years or more. Yes it works on a small button cell which i bought yesterday (10 july) so that I can start using it for my weight-loss-challenge.

Voila! it works just fine. So going live on instagram - i checked my weight. The very next moment the target was set - drop down to 70kgs or under. That means about 20kg to be lost. And by when?

So here is the catch. I have been on this thing many a times. After a week or so I tend to lose out and get back to my old self, the fat self, the reckless, bindass foodie. Nothing wrong with being a foodie, but yaar, I've been there , how long in life do I keep doing the same, be the same me, now is the time to be the new. Bring in the new joy of health and fitness. Alright!

So this time there is no timeline, there is no pressure, there is no plan, but there is a plan. The plan is simple, to keep it simple, to lose in a systematic and natural and healthy way.

NO RUSHING TO GYM - i've found myself doing this, and most of those who want to lose weight. Going to gym, to lose weight. Most people say, - hey am planning to go to gym - wanna lose some weight. Hello! - gym is for body sculpting, gym is for disciplined souls, gym is for health conscious people. Who are you right now? a foodie who dreams of losing weight - fast and easy? Its a good option but sadly not for me atleast for now.

NO CRAZY DIETS - yeah thats me again, everytime I wanted to lose weight, I found myself shopping at nearby Supermarket for all those good foods that are low in calorie and those which help in losing weight. The result - my refrigerator is filled with all good food that I end up Overeating and a few days later am back to gulping biryani pots at favourite restaurants.

NO RUNNING MARATHONS - coming straight to the point - at about 90kg weight if I start running I will be hurting my knees and ankles and in a few days, all this fad about getting slim will get over. I must lose few kilos, feel lighter before getting on to running n stuff.

NO COUNTING CALORIES - our brain is already filled with so much data and it needs rest. I dont want to keep counting calories of each and every food item before eating, so also I dont want to keep checking how many calories I burnt every day. All this does is increase the anxiety - which is bad, bad while trying to lose weight. Stay cool and focused.

GET THE FOOD RIGHT - it is all about self discipline. Simply put - our stomach is not a bin wherein we throw anything and everything our stupid tongue likes to taste. Eating right is important. Emotional eating is most common disease that is widespread across the world and nobody seems to fight it head on. We are bombarded with ads of food not once by many a times throughout the day. Seen this fat guy saying - I have tried this new thing today, what have you tried? - (recent advert by swiggy here in India) Have a look -

Coming to the point - the first few kilos can be lost following a controlled diet. DEITING IS NOT STARVING. DIETING IS NOT - NOT EATING. Dieting is all about EATING RIGHT.

Rule 1 - No Rice

idea is to cut down on carbs and rice is one thing that adds to enormous amount of carbohydrates. Also that living in southern part of India, here we get numerous forms for eatables made out of rice - idly, dosa, pongal, curdrice, biryani, to name a few. All these form of rice needs to be out of diet immediately and permanently.

Another thing to follow - Watch your weight everyday

Based on simple principle - What gets measured, gets managed.

Here is my video from instagram :

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