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Uber - local delivery- FIX IT

Hey Uber - you are amazing. The way you have transformed transportation is phenomenal and deserves appreciation. Off late the delivery thing has been reinvented in the same lines, there are several players who started off even before you could start providing it as service. I am glad you did and am happy to use your delivery services.

I am writing this review as I have experienced quite an annoying behavior from every captain/pickup/delivery/driver - be it from Ola / Rapido / Lynk / Porter or Uber

They first accept the ride and then refuse when the destination is not as per their wish/plans. This is annoying especially when someone is waiting for the ride (running out of time) and then the driver denies the ride/delivery

Let the driver know where the destination is - so that it does not waste anyones time.

Time is money - i hope this thing is something you acknowledge and respect

Here is my recent experience and which had made me write this review/suggestion -

so I booked a package (delivery service) on Uber in Hyderabad, it happens to be about 25km trip. As soon as i booked the package I texted him (on your app) about the details of destination (because apparantly on your driver app, the driver cant see the destination when accepting the ride, which i feel is ridiculous)

The driver was completing a trip nearby and then drove to pickup point which was about a kilometer away and took him about 5 mins to reach. He did not read my text message and was unaware of delivery destination until he met the person at pickup location. On knowing the destination point he refused to do the trip as it was far for him and he would be late home. That is totally fine with me, but what really annoyed and saddened me was that -

I was charged Rs.25 for the trip - the trip which never took place.

When I disputed the charge UBER app tells me that - the driver rode for 10 mins 11 seconds for this trip and if I cancel my dispute the amount will help pay for the drivers efforts and fuel.

1) you are telling me to pay for trip i never had - for no fault of mine

2) you have wasted my time - 15 plus minutes - who will pay for my time?

3) poor driver was at no fault either - he was just doing his job - the fault is with your app - your process - when you have given freedom for the driver to cancel/deny the ride why dont you let him know prior before accepting the ride?

The fault lies in your app. Go fix it.


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