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Joker - movie review

Bad as Hell, Dark as a night of terror and Sad as real.

Have had heard a lot about this movie since it won Oscars and then when it released. However couldn't watch it in the theaters as my wife said its a boring sad movie, though she hadn't watched it, maybe her friends told her.

Joker 2019 Oscar award winning movie
Joker Movie Review

Joker - 2019 starring Joaquin Phoenix - winner of 2 Oscars for Acting, and Best Original Music Score

Well, now since ive run out of movies, thanks to the Covid-19 lock-down, I sat down to watch this one. If you ask me to review it in a line I would say

Such a painful and sad movie it is.

well, that's what I think of it as a person, a normal moviegoer, one who wants to be entertained, one who wants to forget the life's problems for a while.

Now if you ask me like those intellectual people around who rate such movies beyond and above all other movies, that it gets nominated and actually wins an Oscar, here it is..

Marvelous - beautifully acted by Joaquin Phoenix

It shows how a society creates the criminals. Most often people with troublesome childhood end up committing crimes, those who don't, end up leading a miserable life.

First half of the movie shows the painful treatment by people to the Joker (Arthur), and the next half shows the Joker giving it back to the society. Ha ha ha ha ha... ha ha.

Right - it shows how a nobody becomes a face of a revolution. The movie has slow pace but does a great job of storytelling this piece of transformation in Joker (Arthur) 's life.

Sure it deserves an award for beautifully portraying the character, could nt have been done better.

Now I realise what it takes to play this character. My salute to Heath Ledger - for portraying this character in the movie The Dark Knight.

For I think it could not have been played any better than Heath Ledger himself.

Lets put a smile on that face..

image courtesy - IMDB

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