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The Invisible Woman

This is the title of my new book I am working on. Since long I have had this idea of superhero character. The idea of invisible man kept coming back from time to time. At first I ignored it as there were several novels and movies on the same, since 1950 or earlier. In-fact its an old concept, may be even before centuries. As humans we always believed in invisible forces and ghosts and supernatural stuff. The most notable and famous writing on this character was by the great writer and author H.G.Wells. There were movies and series made based on his great novel - The Invisible Man.

So the next time the idea came back to me I asked myself - what new can be done with such a character. Its no super power like those of superheroes and can it save the world?

The way I pick up on plot or character to write about is simple - i keep looking for ideas - whenever they happen i give them some time to grow in my subconscious mind. And if it keeps coming back - then i start working on it. Same thing happened with this and I can clearly see the plot now.

One thing I learnt about from my previous work is that, unless I setup a clear deadline the book would never finish, so this time I have set a deadline of 4 july 2020. 2 months to go and a lot of words to be written. wish me luck.

And yes, I need your help with few things - pls write in comments or catch me on whatsapp

1) help me with the name of lead character (yes, the invisible woman, she is Indian, what should I name her?)

2) which city should I make her birthplace?

3) help me with the sketch/picture of an alien? (the alien is intelligent, huge and powerful)

4) any design of their space ships? send me a sketch or rough drawing pls.

I will mention your name in credits section in the book, for the help you do.

Hope to read from you soon. Take care.Ciao!


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