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Corona Warriors

Hey guys and gals, today I am writing this blog to share something really special with you. I can officially say I am an author from today. Launched my second book on Amazon Kindle.

This book is about five friends who meet unexpectedly after a long time and

one thing leads to another and they are on a boat together.. series of events lead to multiple chases and discoveries along the way ..

set in the backdrop of recent virus pandemic, it is a story of love, friendship and duty.

took quite a lot of time to write this book. It was an amazing journey.

The book is available on Kindle and also on Kindle unlimited. Do read and leave a review. Your love is greatly appreciated. Here is the link.

P.S (6 May 2020) - i have renamed this book acting on feedback from friends and well wishers. The book has been renamed as The Yacht Diaries - A thrilling tale of five friends amidst a viral outbreak.


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