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my open letter to Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook business

Hey, today I am writing about the latest changes that have happened in facebook business. {mark the date August 2020]

My simple one liner request to Mark - PLEASE KEEP IT SIMPLE

I know over the period of time the facebook business and related stuff is going to get simpler but at this point of time it has become mess. There are so many things interconnected, like you need to make an account on Business Manager first, then there is something called Commerce Manager, then youve got to integrate pixels to your website and so on and on..

I am writing this post after going in rounds with facebook help center.

I am a small business guy, you can call me an entreprenuer, and for all those businesses ive been on, it was easy to setup shop and manage business via facebook (pages), voila, come 2020 its become pain in the dash.

Ok, let me get into details. So this pandemic season Ive started a new business, and as a ritual I created a facebook page for social media marketing, then i wanted to add shop to my page as I always do, but what? its no longer working. the shop shows up blank.

I setup online shop using ECWID and then no matter what, it does not connect to the facebook page. Yes, I am not a coder, and I dont want to become one.

One simple question to Mr. Mark - Why are you making it so complicated? Do you want all small business owners to waste their time going around cumbersome process of setting up stuff, (that was once so simple and easy) , why are you forcing us to use third party services from so called Online Marketing companies?

To all readers - this blog will be updated as the changes come in. I just want things to be simple for us small business people.

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