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Google my Business - my open letter to SUNDAR PICHAI

If you are into business I dont have to explain what Google MYbusinsess is. Its an amazing way Google has connected search with real businesses , with maps.

I highly recommend you to setup this page if you have not done yet ( download Google My business app and get going)

Thanks Google. But you've got quite a lot of work to do.

I dont want any tom dick n harry to come up and post reviews on my business (store/service/products), who has no clue of what we do.


Ok, let me explain - what google does is, it keeps tracking your location all the time, and remembers it, which shops you have been, where you stopped, how long, yeah. And then at the end of the day or any sweet time it sends up a push message to you asking - HOW WAS WOW DRY FRUITS AND MORE - YOUR REVIEWS HAVE GOT SO MANY VIEWS...

What really sucks is that Google has no clue if you even visited the store, or you stopped by just to piss on the roadside. SO YOU SUCK GOOGLE. And I hate you for that.

I have got so many irrelevant reviews and ratings for my another business. It is a womens fashion boutique, and it is rated among top service providers for the genuine 5 star reives by our customers, come one day Google starts rolling out this ABSOLUTELY STUPID update and bamm. every other guy who passed by my store started reviewing us. WHY?


So this was about the reviews. Now let me tell you about photos.

ANYONE CAN POST PHOTOS ON YOUR BUSINESS PAGE. WOW! and it cannot be deleted by the Business owner. Now you will see irrelevant pics of people on your page, and it just doesnt stop there, other competitors use it to advertise on your page by posting their business cards.

For all these things, the so called biggest business player GOOGLE does not have a customer service that can help. THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN GET RID OF IRRELEVANT REVIEWS AND PICTURES.

So Mr.SUNDAR PICHAI, you are from India, may be you can understand my pain. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Here are other things you can update :

- though businesses mention Store timings on their google page, there are times when they may be closed, and it is not so easy to post this message (as of now). Put a small button on app where we can simply toggle to show the store is closed. This will help users who travel long way just to find that the store is closed. (A simple toggle can update status on Google Maps so users/customers can know that the store is closed. ( just to be clear, by default the button stays on during the standard store timings)

- A QR code at every store - where people can SCAN AND CHECK IN AND FOLLOW. This will help people to follow their favourite stores and get real time updates from their favourite stores.

Yeah, there are many more things I got to say about improving this service, but I will stop here. TAKE CARE GOOGLE. Until next time..

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