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The Real Mosquito Killer

Mosquitoes have been the killer insects on earth and they evolve so well that most repellants just do no good in keeping them away. Its summer time here in India and its been a long time Ive been bit by them, but i do remember those times when I got up with painful bites infuriated with anger towards these little beasts.

Size does matter. If mosquitoes were bigger or if there was a bigger sized threat like godzilla we could have easily pinpointed and tackled with it. Be it the covid virus or the mosquitoes the problem is same, they multiply, they are small, and they cant be tackled with (easily).

In recent years however the business organizations have found a great way of making money out of these little monsters. Their advertisements scare us in the name of Dengue and other dangerous diseases. They provide solutions (products) that do nothing essentially.

I feel more dizzy when the mosquito repellent liquid machine is switched on while i am sleeping. I woke up with heavy headed feeling most of the times. Also they did no good in keeping the mosquitoes away.

If I get an option, I would definitely sue these companies for selling us products that don't really work.

I have been working on this problem since 5 years now, aim was to find a

- economical

- environmentally safe

- easy

solution that really works.

Today was the eureka moment. I have been finally able to conceptualize a way to get it done. I call it the-mosquito-destroyer (TMD)

Its a simple device that attracts mosquitoes and kills them.

- There is no bad smell when they are killed

- No mess. You can see the killed mosquitoes and easily dispose them off, without touching them. (unlike those UV light based insect killers)

- Safe for children (there is no electric shock problem like other insect killers)

- No chemicals released ( unlike those liquid mosquito repellents)

- Makes no sound

- Environmentally safe

- Easy to manufacture

- Easy to use

- Economical

It works on simple principles that attract mosquitoes

- they like hot bodies

- they like sweat

I had this initial thought of making it public, but my friends insisted to keep it under cover and patent it. I do not wish to patent it anyway but would frankly like to make a little money so it can fund my other projects to make the Planet Earth a better place.

If you are interested to have a meeting with me on this device concept feel free to connect with me on twitter -

or simply comment below


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