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10 things to do at home this viral season

You read it right. Times have changed. Most of us are home bound, atleast for another month. We have been asked to work from home, stay at home. Since all markets are down and economy is sinking, guess there is not much to work from home either. In any case there is plenty of time you have left, wondering what to do.

Whether you do anything at all, first and foremost is to take care of your health and stay safe. Cant fall sick at these times ok. Remember that.

And one more thing, there is no point thinking of all the bad things happening around the world. Cant help. Watching news channels, make it worse. Do scan thru the news on google once a day, but dont dwell onto it. Its a time killer. Be at peace.

Now coming to the list of things to do at home -

1- Sleep : yes sleep as much possible. If you are a sleep lover this is the best time. As a working professional we do not get enough time to sleep, now that there is an opportunity do take its advantage. There are more than 10million cases of insomnia in India every year. No doubt the working professionals are lack of sleep and adequate rest.

2- Watch your favorite series,movies,etc - all over again. (Not advisable though, I would sleep instead)

3- Workout - if you are a fitness enthusiast, this is the time to get into training mode. Set tasks each day. Record videos as you do, share on insta/tiktok get some fan following. Setting goals for each day adds to the fun.

4- Read - your favorite novels, books, biographies.

5- Cook - if you like cooking or want to learn - this is the time. You will never get this amount of time anytime later. As you cook, take videos/photos and share with friends. Can even launch a youtube channel/website. Good time to start. There are as many viewers looking for something new. Most of us do not have everything (ingredients) to make stuff. So make new recipes with limited ingredients easily available at home.

6- Write a book that you have always thought of writing. This is the time, if you have the writing bug in you. Do your research, develop characters, learn different styles of writing and start writing. Its now or never. [same thing with blogs, if you wanted to become a blogger, this is the best time]

7- Self improvement - work on that quality of yours that you always wanted to improve upon. Public speaking, Juggling, Voice modulation, Singing, People management, etc. There are plenty of books to help you thru. Or look for an online seminar/class to help you thru.

8- Set things in place - if you are a startup/entrepreneur - this is best time to get the data in place. There is lot of paperwork, accounts details, and what not that needs proper clean up and to be organized. [ i run a startup and I know how crazy it gets during the working days, got so much to organise, this is a good time to do it. ]

9 - Stock Market - prices are falling each day, do your research and buy stocks that can get you good returns when things are all right.

10 - Set things right at home - renovate / repair / organise stuff at home. There might be quite a few things that need your attention at home. Fix them. Youtube is always there to help (mostly).

Nothing beats spending time with loved ones and kids. Make some sweet memories playing fun games and sharing stories with them. Do a mini project with your kids. Improve/train you kids on skills like public speaking, negotiations, Group discussions, presentation, email writing, basic financials , etc. [given that they are not busy on their smartphones, lol]

What am I doing? I am doing it all. There is plenty of updates to my website (startup), organise the financials, write blogs, shoot the video I wanted to, I cook (have no time to shoot and blog about it though), improving my speaking skills, watching movies with family and chitchat with wife. So far, so good. Hoping for the better days.


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